Did you know that the top three most common struggles of a business owner are becoming more efficient, getting clients, and generating income?

I help women with side businesses create and execute actionable marketing plans that allow them to build a profitable business to support their lifestyle! I help identify your goals, find your target market, and create a plan to become more visible, allowing you to find time to market your services while taking care of what matters the most.

When you have focus, and a goal your business planning will become easier, you won’t get stuck as often, and you’ll be able to increase your profits and reach your goals faster. Be ready to:

  • create an action plan to reach your goals.
  • become more efficient with your time to increase productivity.
  • identify your target market to get more clients.
  • create a social media plan to increase both offline and online visibility.
  • strategize a plan to increase your income to what you deserve.

You'll gain clarity, become more focused, have an accountability partner, and become motivated by a goal and action-driven business coach whose focus is to help you reach your goals, speak to your market, and increase revenue all while designing a business that supports your lifestyle.

Work with me

By the end of your complimentary strategy session, you'll have valuable insights about your business and will walk away with strategies that you can implement right away.

"Before Ingrid's strategy call, I was seeking new ways to enhance the experience within the Facebook community I created as a part of my business. When I spoke to Ingrid, I gained some amazing and helpful new ideas as well as a new perspective that can only benefit the community and I can't wait to implement the ideas. My advice to you if you are thinking of holding a strategy call with Ingrid is to do it!  

Ingrid is an amazing, thoughtful woman and entrepreneur. She is easy to talk to and her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable!"

~ Crystal Barrow
Shape Your Success Coaching 

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