What they say!

"Before Ingrid's strategy call, I was seeking new ways to enhance the experience within the Facebook community I created as a part of my business. When I spoke to Ingrid, I gained some amazing and helpful new ideas as well as a new perspective that can only benefit the community and I can't wait to implement the ideas. My advice to you if you are thinking of holding a strategy call with Ingrid is to do it!  

Ingrid is an amazing, thoughtful woman and entrepreneur. She is easy to talk to and her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable!"

~ Crystal Barrow
Shape Your Success Coaching 

"Your coaching program helped me narrow down my niche, and now I have a strong message; it just flows! I realized that there was a lot I didn’t know. Now, I’m able to communicate with my target market and utilize social media more efficiently and effectively. I was able to create a schedule for my business around my full-time job and life.

I recommend this program to anyone who’s starting out as it helped me put all the pieces together. Thank you for your support and guidance!"

~ Giselle Romanino
Empowerment Coach for Mothers

"Ingrid helped me get clarity on my offer, target audience, and services so I can better connect with my ideal client. Her questions helped me think about various ways to strategize a plan of action. I can’t wait to finalize my packages and refine my target market which will help me achieve my goals.

~ Hazel June
Online Course Coach

"Speaking with Ingrid really helped me get clear on how to break down a large goal into small achievable actions so that I can move forward consistently! She also explained the concept of accountability in a way that excites me instead of making it feel like a chore, and I’m ready to explore that possibility. I now have actions to help me achieve my goals of starting my business. I can't wait to do get started on planning my business focusing on the big picture which Ingrid recommended, and I know will make a difference." 

~ Megan Sorensen
Life Coach

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