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How to overcome the fear of planning

Some people are born planner; some live on the edge of their seat. I’m a planner. I like to think ahead, have options, and be ready for possible outcomes.

What holds people the most from planning is fear of not getting what they want. Before starting to plan, think about the following questions; be honest with yourself.

Are you afraid to fail your plan? 

Failure is not an option. I get it; no one wants to fail. Unfortunately, many of us fear failure because we’ve failed at something in the past.

A way to beat failure fears is to simply train your mind to visualize everything you want from your plans. Consciously visualizing your plans will better help your sub-conscious mind to remember what it is that you want to accomplish.

Do your plans involve everything you want?

When I want something, I write it down and think about how I’m going to get it. Writing things down helps validate my thoughts.

It doesn’t matter how unrealistic it seems to you; there’s a way to accomplish everything you want in life. Remember that whatever you put out in the Universe will come to you.

Does your plan include your business and family?

When I think about my business, I think of what it will do for me and how it would affect my family in the future. Always consider business and family the same. They are part of your future.

It’s important always to ask yourself these questions. Doing so will ultimately lay out what it is that you want in life. Losing the fear, writing things down, and making your family part of your business will help you create balance and enjoy a happier life.

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How to identify your core assets

When I started thinking about what type of business to start, I took time to consider my values, passions, past experiences, education, but most importantly, I thought about all the skills I have that could have a positive impact on someone’s life. I call these core assets.

Having a business degree and background was a plus, on the business technical side. What really mattered to me was people’s skills. How I treat people, how I make them feel, how I can help them solve their problems.

Once I created my list of core assets, it all came together. I realized that I was meant to teach people based on my analytical, planning, and problem-solving skills, my top three skills.

Today, I’m able to teach others how to take an inventory of their assets through self-assessment so they can apply it to their ideal business and everyday life.

How to identify your core assets

A self-assessment will help you learn more about yourself, choose a business, reevaluate a current business, a career, move on with an idea, and determine your interests.

Your core assets are:

✔Your values – what is important to you in life?

✔Your passions – what do you enjoy doing day in and day out?

✔Your skills – what are the things you have learned to help you do certain tasks?

If you struggle with taking inventory of assets, one way to solve the struggle is by performing a personal SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis.

A SWOT analyzes a person’s skills and external factors to determine which factors are favorable or unfavorable to them or their goal.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • What tasks do you usually avoid because you don’t feel confident doing them?
  • What new technology can help you?
  • What obstacles do you currently face in your life?

Aligning your core assets will create harmony between you and your business because you are maximizing your abilities.

You are most likely to succeed in life if you make the most out of your abilities. If you need help, consider hiring a business coach or mentor to help you put it all together.

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5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

It’s all about mindset. I’ll share five mindset traits that will help you move forward with your side business be successful. You’ll come to find that many entrepreneurs possess the same characteristics.

Trait #1: Self-confidence

When I decided to transition to business coaching while working full-time and raising a family, I asked myself how much do I want to commit to my side business so I can continue taking care of my responsibilities and keep motivated.

It was a rough ride at the beginning, trying to do it all. I used to think that it was impossible and I had no idea how others were doing it. But, as time went on, I managed to make it happen because I gained self-confidence and believed that it was meant to be.

One of the key factors to accomplishing my goal and kept me going was self-confidence. It’s that magical power of having confidence in oneself and one’s powers and abilities.

Trait #2: Achievement oriented

Focused and sustained effort gains results. It’s about concentrating on achieving a specific goal, not just accomplishing a string of unrelated tasks.

To reduce overwhelm, break down each task into smaller tasks that would be easier to follow through. Every task you perform that relates to your business, regardless of how small, moves you closer to achieving your goals.

Trait #3: Become a risk taker 

You realize that there is a chance of loss inherent in achieving your goals, yet you have the confidence necessary to take calculated risks to achieve your goals.

As a business owner, we’ll make decisions, take action, and can control our destiny. We are motivated by a spirit of independence which leads us to believe that our success depends on our effort and hard work, not luck.

So, which of these three main characteristics (self-confidence, achievement-oriented, becoming a risk-taker) is the most important? Believe it or not, it has to be self-confidence. Without confidence, nothing else is possible. If you don’t believe in your abilities, then the first challenge that arises may knock you off the path to achieving your goals. The other characteristics are a few things to keep in mind for maintaining a higher level of self-confidence.

Trait #4: Positive thinking 

Well, it all starts with a positive attitude, doesn’t it? Believing that something good will happen is the first step. Negative thinking simply is not allowed.

You must truly believe that there are no circumstances strong enough to deter you from reaching your goals. Remember too, that positive thinking can be contagious. When positive thinking spreads, it can open doors to new ideas, customers, friends, and so on.

Trait #5: Persistent Action 

Now all the positive thinking and believing in the world is useless if it is not applied towards a goal. You have to take action, no excuses are allowed. This action must also be persistent. Trying once and then giving up is not going to be enough. Keep at it one step at a time. If you can’t get by a particular task, then find a creative way to try again or just go around it.

We’ve identified five traits that are common among successful entrepreneurs. You should be able to look ahead and see yourself where you want to be. Now just maintain a strong belief in yourself and your skills, stick with it, and don’t give up. If you can do that, you’re already halfway there!

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Work smarter, not harder

When people talk about “working smarter,” it doesn’t necessarily mean to get more done by working longer hours. Rather, you get more done by making the best of that time when you’re engaged in work.

Can you delegate some of your distractions?

Identify the things that distract you and hurt your productivity most. These are your main enemies! Develop special strategies to eliminate or control them.

Are mornings or nights your higher focus time?

Discover your best times of day to focus. Each of us has our natural rhythms. Get in touch with yours and use them to your advantage.

Where is your time going?

Monitor how you spend your time each day. For a week or two, keep a work log or journal. Look back, and you may be surprised to discover how you’re spending your time.

By selecting a variety of techniques, you can immediately start making your work time more efficient and productive. You’ll get work done faster and better, and as a result, you’ll have plenty of time to spend on other things.

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