How to build stronger business relationships

When I think about meeting new people, I don’t think about what they can do for me. I think about getting to know them. If I sense that they are struggling with an issue, I offer my help. However, not everyone will connect with you right away or ask for advice. The best thing to do is listen so you can begin to build their trust. For me, this goes for both business and life.

One essential activity in growing a business is building relationships. Many people think they can go out to networking events, distribute their cards, and the clients will come flowing in. It may happen like that, but not likely.

It takes time, energy, and effort to build trust and a network. Through building that network, you build relationships with people who know you, trust you, and will do business with you.

I’ve been to networking events and observed how some people “walk the room” by stopping and introducing themselves then moving on to the next person within minutes. When I first started my business, I was doing the same.

Then, I realized that networking like this is a waste of time. Unless you’re willing to build your network, get to know the people, and perhaps see how you can help them, you might as well stay home.

I believe in giving without expecting anything in return. Well, the same applies to networking. You give the person your undivided attention, you listen and get to know them. At the end of the conversation, you’ll feel better about yourself, have built rapport with them, and have started a trusted relationship.

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