Seven actions to developing your power – Part Two

If you missed the first seven Power Action tips, you can read them here!

Here are the next seven actions to developing your power.

Power Action #8 – Listen!

Listen to what the other person is telling you. When he or she is talking, give direct eye contact and don’t think about how you are going to respond. Process what they are saying and then formulate your answer. Too many people do not listen when people talk but instead, think about what they will say next and miss most of what that person said.

Power Action #9 – Do Your Homework!

Don’t go into anything unprepared. Plan and organize what you need to do. Checklists work great, reason why pilots use them, so they don’t forget anything! Wasting someone’s time due to poor planning leaves a bad impression. Even a little preparation, if rushed, goes a long way.

Power Action #10 – Be Disciplined!

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline is at the core of your being. Work on improving it every single day.

Power Action #11 – Stand Up Straight and Fly Right!

Good posture commands attention. Shoulders back, stomach in, butt in, and direct eye contact give you a commanding presence.

Power Action #12 – Be Compassionate and Caring!

The world is a hard place, but by caring and being compassionate people always make a difference in an otherwise selfish world.

Power Action #13 – Find a Mentor!

Emulate someone you admire. Good role models help us build our unique model of who we are.

Power Action #14 – Associate with Positive People!

If you want to be upbeat, positive, and confident, don’t hang around with petty, nasty, complaining, whiney people. They’ll bring you down if you let them or you’ll become one of them. You know the type, complains at work but does nothing to change their unhappy situation. Life is too short to be pessimistic. Choose people who laugh, have goals and objectives, and are interested in living life to the fullest.

Power Action #15 – Give!

Give your time or money to worthwhile causes. What you give and how much you give will come back to you in spades in all kinds of ways. Misers are unhappy people.

Remember – your attitude determines your altitude in life. It’s never too late to start!

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