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How to reach your target market

Reaching your target market is an essential part of attracting clients. Cost-effective and free ways to find and reach your target market are available. First, determine your goals and then use the following tactics to find them:

  • Referrals are the heart of your business – build a list of referrals by asking your current clients for people who they think might use your products or services. Offer them an incentive as a reward. Happy clients will be more than willing to refer you!
  • Attend networking events – as you strike a conversation, get to know prospects and their businesses, and determine whether you want to investigate further or politely move on to the next prospect. Have a goal when attending these events, such as, talk to at least five people within your potential market. Make sure to send a “Nice to meet you” note within 24 hours of meeting them, while you are fresh on their minds.
  • Find your niche and ideal client – knowing what you offer and who would benefit from your products or services is crucial to obtaining clients. This will help you identify your target market and allow you to decide where to find your ideal client.
  • Write articles and publish newsletters – another way to market yourself and advertise your expertise. Share your blog, create a newsletter, or send a press release to magazines and other publications. Content is king.
  • Make yourself known – develop a message that conveys to your target market exactly what you’re going to offer. For instance, create or revamp your 30-second elevator pitch to include who you are, what you do, what problems are you solving, how they would benefit, and how you would solve their problem. Be ready to deliver your message as you attend networking events!

Meeting the challenges of targeting your market and selling your products or services, requires an ongoing combination of a variety of efforts. Even when your business becomes busy and successful, it is important to preserve a marketing focus so that these vital activities do not go unnoticed in the rush of day-to-day obligations.

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Tools for the savvy entrepreneur

6 Free Tools for the Savvy Entrepreneur

As a business owner, there are business building and marketing activities. Your business building activities make you money. Your marketing activities get your name out there. Why spend most of your money on marketing activities, when you can utilize a few simple and free products that will generate the results you want?

Here are some basic free tools to get started or take control of your own marketing campaign designs.

1. Survey Monkey for marketing research and customer feedback

Looking to conduct a market research? In need of customer feedback? Survey Monkey will assist you in conducting surveys to better market your ideal client.

2. MailerLite for email marketing

Need to collect leads for your mailing list from your website? When in need of collecting leads from your website or creating landing pages, Mailer Lite is your go-to for creating simple, clean email campaigns, landing pages, and newsletters.

3. Buffer for social media management

Dreaming of automating your social posts? Hootsuite will be your partner. Automate your posts for your favorite social media venues. You control the day and time you want your posts to be released.

4. Pixabay and Pexels for stock photos and images

Don’t have time to take your own pictures? Other people do not mind you using theirs. Find royalty-free stock photos with free for commercial use license.

5. Canva for graphic design

Can’t afford a graphic designer? Canva is a user-friendly online graphic design software that helps you create eye-catching social media headers and posts, documents, e-book covers, marketing materials, invitations, and ads. It also allows you to save your brand color palettes to use with your designs.

6. Grammarly for Chrome for content writing editing

Need a spell and grammar checker? Grammarly for Chrome reviews your content as you type away. It’s a great supplement to the Word speller. When used as an app, you can make corrections when typing online on social media platforms such as Facebook.

If you are like me, an entrepreneur on a budget, who makes the most out of resources without spending a fortune, you’ll find these tools handy. Save your money for bigger investments.

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5 Proven Online Tactics

Trying to build an online reputation can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Here are five online tactics to consider when creating online presence.

  1. Focus on Content Marketing – Good content allows you to build trust and rapport with your customers
  2. Get interactive – Use your blog to encourage interaction from clients/customers, and make a point of responding to them quickly and succinctly.
  3. Be visual – The human brain can process images a lot faster and with focus than text. Use this to your advantage when it comes to online marketing and draw people in with visual content.
  4. Less is more – Too much information can lead to overload for some people. Keep your marketing content to the point and on topic.
  5. Stay Smart – Smart phones are becoming more and more influential when it comes to marketing. Make sure ALL of your content is mobile-ready.

Most importantly, always keep your target market on mind when delivering your content!

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