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Work smarter, not harder

When people talk about “working smarter,” it doesn’t necessarily mean to get more done by working longer hours. Rather, you get more done by making the best of that time when you’re engaged in work.

Can you delegate some of your distractions?

Identify the things that distract you and hurt your productivity most. These are your main enemies! Develop special strategies to eliminate or control them.

Are mornings or nights your higher focus time?

Discover your best times of day to focus. Each of us has our natural rhythms. Get in touch with yours and use them to your advantage.

Where is your time going?

Monitor how you spend your time each day. For a week or two, keep a work log or journal. Look back, and you may be surprised to discover how you’re spending your time.

By selecting a variety of techniques, you can immediately start making your work time more efficient and productive. You’ll get work done faster and better, and as a result, you’ll have plenty of time to spend on other things.

4 thoughts on “Work smarter, not harder

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    Tonya - December 21, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this. I really like the idea of keeping a journal of how we spend our time, I think that would really help put things in perspective.

  2. Reply
    Ingrid - December 21, 2017

    Thanks, Tonya! I’m happy to hear that it resonated with you.

  3. Reply
    Gretchen Y White - December 22, 2017

    Thanks for sharing your post. I have gotten back into the habit of keeping a book for my ideas and how I just function day to day. It has really helped me to become more focused and get things I actually want to do done!

    1. Reply
      Ingrid - December 22, 2017

      You are welcome, Gretchen! It’s awesome that you write things down. I believe it makes them more real and prone to happen. Good for you!

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