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How does your workspace invite productivity?

Your workspace reflects your mind. However, most people find it easier to focus and get things done when things are tidy.

Organizing your workspace can get complicated, but the simplest way to keep things tidy is to reduce clutter. Clutter is the ultimate enemy of a tidy workspace.

How can you organize your workspace to increase productivity?

Create a Zone for Important Stuff

Create a space for important things that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Prioritize according to urgency.

Create a Zone for Current Stuff

Create a space for files and things related to any current or ongoing projects. Once a project is completed, file it with your regular files.

Go Paperless

A great deal of workplace clutter is paper, but in today’s digital office, there’s little need for it. Whenever possible, go paperless. Scan documents and store files digitally. Going paperless not only reduces the clutter paperwork causes but is also good for the environment.

Look around your workspace and envision the type of space you would enjoy taking care of your work. Then build a space that will keep you creative and motivated.

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